Pre-recorded voice message

A professionnal and intuitive tool to make your

Automate dialer

Automate dialer or pre-recorded voice message

The predictive dialer is a system which dialled automatically a large number, to deliver a pre-recorded message to your client list pre-recorded in the database.

It features in telemarketing campaigns, polls, market research, etc.

It's an intuitive and professionnal tool, a mean of communication modern and Very economical.

Don't miss a such of tool more time!

Multi campaigns

Multi lines

Files qualification

Call dialer

Statistical tools



The software also inculdes

By interactive server function

It means that the call destination can interact by using the keyboard keys to enable to record his choices, such of information or re-direct to a teleconsultant.

This fast auto-dialing software isCe logiciel de numérotation automatique est dynamic, customizable and easy to use.

All the private information's calls can be saved to be analyzed and treated if necessary, always in conformity with the RGPD from 05/25/2018.

Powerful and easy to use

Customize and predictive your predictive dialers as your needs.

Simultaneous calls

You can dial a large number of calls simultaneous from one post.

Customize your message

The Text-to-Speech technology, enable you to create your own message with customizable information.

A simple excel sheet used

Use a simple excel sheet for create your client list. Get a simple review of results in live.

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