Phone services & Software solutions customized

Phone GS offers VOIP Centrex phone services & software solutions for medium and large companies simple to use, trusted and customizable.

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How does it work?

Phone GS presents a more complete service offering to our customers 24/7.

1Order online

In one click, order the best equipment to satisfy your needs with your own custumer support.

2Technical installation

1 : Switch on of the supply voltage.
2 : Switch on of the internet box.

3Simplified contact

We give you a single contact person to handle all of your plans.

Our priority: your success!

Call robot
or predictive dialer

It's a system which dialled automatically, in a large number, to deliver a pre-recorded message to your client list pre-recorded in the database.

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Dashboard Phone GS
Dashboard Phone GS

A solution with no surprise

Standard and unlimited calling

An all-in-one service for medium and large companies one single offering which combined standard with all unlimited calling to fixed and mobile in Europe from 30€/month only. Learn more

A telephony solution for each company

Powerful Features An The Service Of Your Company

Call recording

Select the conversations you wish to record. It keeps the high audio-quality and still be exploitable on PC in order to archive, to listen or send by email.

Voice messaging

We take care with you for your voice messaging pre-taken or auto replies. W customize your announcements in order to guarantee a telephone service, original and dynamic.

Virtual office

New for leaders of many companies !
You can direct incoming calls from the fixed lin to another.

Streamlined features

Standard that suits your needs using its unique number redirected to other positions with a personalized call waiting.

A consultant to assist you

Each customer, medium and large companies, has a technical consultant that know you and all your needs.

You want to add one or more lines, to change your voice messaging, to activate your call recording, to redirect yours calls, to discuss your phone needs, to implement another option...

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Our involvement
Simplify the life's customer in proposing simple using solutions but be accompanied by unique consultant which directing the company's telephony from the beginning.

Choose your option

Because no company is the same, Phone GS offers severals services to answer to yours needs.

Standard and unlimited calls


A complete solution, an unique offer which combined standard with all unlimited calling to fixed and mobile in Europe.

Call Robot


A predictive dialer that be able to dial numbers and deliver a pre-recorder message to your client list.

All-in-one service for medium and large companies

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